cardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream

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cardiostrong Aquastream rower

cardiostrong Aquastream rower

  • Revolutionary tank system
  • Rowing training for people of all heights
cardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Awardscardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Awardscardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Awardscardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Awardscardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Awards
cardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream A revolutionary tank system

A revolutionary tank system

Thanks to the Aquastream's revolutionary tank, you can work out like you're actually on water – without making any noise! Whereas other water rowers have an upright tank, the Aquastream has a tank on its side. The three internal paddle wheels allow you to enjoy a more intense, but most importantly, quieter rowing workout. Bring a two-time award winner into your home with the Aquastream – enjoy an even better workout!
cardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Particularly long rails

Particularly long rails

Other water rowers reach their limits with people who are 2 m tall, but the Aquastream does not stop there. Thanks to the extra-long rails, even people that are 2.10 m tall can easily use it to work out. In addition, there are multiple adjustment options for the foot straps and they can easily adjust to your shoe size. With the Aquastream you can train without any limitations!
cardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Large console with Bluetooth

Large console with Bluetooth

With the Aquastream you have a large, backlit display with clever programmes and all the important training data. You can choose between 10 training programmes and display all important data during the workout, such as time, distance, calories burned, heart rate and watts. To make your rowing workout more interactive, you can also connect to Kinomap and EXR – for even more fun workouts!
cardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Stability meets sleek design

Stability meets sleek design

With its solid frame and premium construction, the Aquastream is designed to handle heavy loads up to 150 kg. Due to the maximum filling capacity of 10 litres and the three installed paddle wheels, smooth running is guaranteed. Despite the high stability, the Aquastream does not compromise on its design. Due to the side tank and the long rails, the Aquastream has a particularly streamlined design – for a modern look at home!
cardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream The compact total body trainer

The compact total body trainer

With the Aquastream you get a space-saving whole-body exercise device for your home. Rowing works out your entire body, using over 85% of your muscles while improving your endurance. Thanks to the Aquastream, this kind of combination workout is not only effective, but can also be carried out in any room. After your workout, you can easily place the Aquastream upright and store it to save space – no more excuses!

  • The cardiostrong Aquastream is probably the quietest rower on the market thanks to the newly designed tank concept.
  • Rowing machine with water resistance, filling capacity: approx. 10 l
  • Natural rowing sensation, especially round and smooth
  • 10 training programmes, including some highly effective interval programmes
  • Console with Bluetooth connectivity (FTMS) to pair with Kinomap or EXR (each at an additional cost)
  • "Horizontal" water tank: this design makes the Aqua Stream particularly quiet
  • Extra long rail, suitable for people up to 210 cm
  • Large, backlit display with all important training data:
    • total & per minute (SpM) rowing strokes
    • training time
    • distance
    • time/500m - current & average
    • calories burned
    • heart rate
    • watts
  • Very chic, slim design
  • Max. user weight: 150 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - cardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream: (L) 206 cm x (W) 55 cm x (H) 100 cm
    Folded - cardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream: (L) 84 cm x (W) 55 cm x (H) 206 cm

Aquastream: water rower with unique tank design

The Aquastream is an indoor rower with water resistance. But where other water rowers have an upright tank, the Aquastream's is on its side. As a result, the rowing experience is more consistent and the equipment is virtually silent. In addition, there is an excellent console with clever programmes, as well as the possibility to connect to an app.

The cardiostrong Aquastream concept

We wanted to create the perfect feeling of rowing on water for indoor use. Normal rowing machines come close, but we have learned that we need a new design for the perfect resistance. By tilting the tank, we have achieved a round, smooth rowing experience that is also very quiet. Even at high intensity, you are still able still speak at a normal volume. As a result of the tank, the rowing machine has a unique, very slim, modern and elegant design. We also wanted to make rowing more social by adding full app compatibility.

High-quality console with app compatibility

The clear and blue backlit console offers optimal readability, even when the sweat is pouring into your eyes. And that is not at all unlikely: the console has 10 programmes, some of which really pack a punch. In addition to the classic objective programmes, there are also very intense interval programmes that you can use to get fit effectively and in no time.

In addition, the console is equipped with a Bluetooth chip that allows the rower to connect to fitness apps such as Kinomap or EXR. Kinomap, for example, offers you the option to retrace filmed routes – this means that rowing not only feels like being on the water, you can also play the corresponding video on your tablet at the same time. Our tips: Tahiti or on the Seine through Paris. EXR is a new app where you row through virtual training landscapes. This app stands out in particular due to its extremely professional workout programmes – for example, it also provides workout plans for across several weeks.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2022

The cardiostrong Aquastream received the ISPO Award in January 2023 at ISPO – one of the most important sports and fitness trade fairs in the world. The jury's statement said: "The Aqua Stream offers a rowing experience with an authentic water feeling and is more space-saving than comparable models. The device combines the advantages of devices with air or magnetic resistance with a chic design and fair price. Highlights of the AquaStream include the longitudinally mounted, space-saving water tank and the accompanying rowing system."

Awarded as Germany's Favourite 2023

Germany's Favourite is an emerging product and design award from the Süddeutsche Zeitung in cooperation with the statistics portal Statista. What is special about the award is that the voices of a jury of experts are heard just as much as the voices of SZ readers. According to the award's website, "While classic water resistance rowers use a wide, shallow cylindrical tank, the Aqua Stream uses a long, tilted cylinder as the tank. This makes for a great rowing experience and is also particularly quiet - the Aqua Stream is the quietest rower with water and one of the quietest around. In addition, the rower has all the conveniences of modern rowing machines: app compatibility, a comfortable seat and excellent looks."
cardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Awardscardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Awardscardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Awardscardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Awardscardiostrong rowing machine Aquastream Awards

Manual cardiostrong aquastream

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Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 24 months
Semiprofessional use 12 months
Professional use 6 months

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Fitshop Expert Review

Fantastic rowing machine
11 persons found this review helpful
I've been looking for a rowing machine for home use for a while now. I don't like the feel of magnetic resistance and conventional air and water systems were just too loud for home use. I tried the aquastream and was instantly impressed! The typical great row of water resistance but so much quieter. The transport wheels could be a little larger to counter the heaviness, but in my opinion that just shows its stability. Bluetooth connection is simple as and Kinomap compatibility is just the cherry on top. Highly recommend! ... [Read more]
Leises solides Gerät
2 persons found this review helpful
Ich hatte schonmal ein Rudergerät einer anderen Mark, welches ich aber Aufgrund von Problemen verkaufte. Das Cardiostrong Aquastream merzt diese Probleme aus: Lautstärke -es ist wirklich sehr sehr leise und kann problemlos in einer Mietwohnung genutzt werden. Das Stemmbrett hat für mich (Hüft-Knieprobleme) den richtigen Abstand UND die schmale Schnürung der Füße, lässt Korrekturen meiner Fehlstellung problemlos zu Die Aufstiegshöhe ist wirklich sehr angenehm (gerade bei Hüft-Knieproblemen) Ich selbst nutze das Gerät als Cardio (morgens nüchtern + 0,5L Wasser + 6g EAA), sowie regeneratives Training nach schwerem Kreuzheben/Kniebeugen. Funktioniert wunderbar. Befüllt habe ich es bis zur Max-Markierung. Bei Min-Befüllung ist es fasst gar nicht hörbar. Die Verarbeitung ist wirklich hochwertig! Nix knarzt, nix biegt sich durch, nix stinkt (auch nicht durch die Chlortabletten!!!). Mein Gerät steht im Schlafzimmer. Ich würde es mir wieder kaufen! Kauft nicht einfach irgendein Gerät OHNE Beratung im Internet -eure Knie/Hüfte und Geldbeutel werden es euch danken! Mein besonderer Dank gilt Herrn König aus Regensburg, der sich wirklich ausgiebig mit meiner Problematik beschäftigt und meine Biomechanik analysiert hat. Ich bin sehr zufrieden! Einzig Manko, ist die Befüllung des Geräts. Ich habe dafür einen großen Trichter genommen, den mitgelieferten Schlauch angesteckt und dann das Wasser eingefüllt. Ist extrem schnell erledigt. Die Chortablette habe ich vorher im Wasser aufgelöst. Benutze destiliertes Wasser aus dem Baumarkt. ... [Read more]
Erhöhter Sitz, leichter zum aufstehen, nicht so niedrig wie die anderen Geräte. Wassergeräusch leiser und daher nicht störend. Einfache Handhabung zum hochstellen an die Wand. Sehr übersichtliches Display, welches höhenverstellbar ist. Bin mit dem Kauf se
5 persons found this review helpful
Sehr feines Gerät
5 persons found this review helpful
Als bronchienschonende Winteralternative zum Laufen gekauft, bin ich hoch zufrieden mit dem Aquastream. Das Gerät ist super leise und das große Display auf Augenhöhe perfekt ablesbar. Aufgestellt steht die Maschine sehr unauffällig im Zimmer. Nachdem ich vor Ort mehrere Rudergeräte ansah, Lautstärke, Größe, Display und Rudergefühl verglich, war die Wahl nicht schwer. Die Tablet-Halterung ist praktisch, um auf Kinomap Rudervideos zu sehen - mal sehen, ob das auf Dauer motivierend ist oder nur ein Gimmick. ... [Read more]
Bin super zufrieden!!!
5 persons found this review helpful
Ich habe mir im Juni ein cardiostrong Rudergerät Aquastream gekauft. Frau Litfin und Herr von Reichenbach haben mich sehr freundlich und fachkundig beraten und mich in das Rudergerät eingewiesen. Nach Möglichkeit trainiere ich jeden Tag mit dem Gerät und verspüre eine deutliche Stärkung meiner Muskulatur.
AquaStream Rudergerät
19 persons found this review helpful
Alle Mitarbeiter waren äußerst freundlich und hilfsbereit, sowie kundenorientiert! Das Gerät wurde sensationell schnell geliefert ( war auf Lager). Die hochwertige Qualität der Materialien (alle Bohrungen, Schrauben) waren exakt paßgerecht und ließen das Gerät in kurzer Zeit von 1 Person (weiblich) zusammenbauen. Ich habe das Gerät seit wenigen Tagen im Gebrauch und bin bisher sehr damit zufrieden. Das Display ist dank der Beleuchtung hervorragend zu lesen und der Geräuschpegel beim Rudern ist sehr leise. Ich bin bisher sehr damit zufrieden und würde das Gerät trotz des stolzen Preises durchaus empfehlen. Bei meiner Körpergröße von 168 cm würde ich mit eine kürzere Laufschiene knapp unter 2 m wünschen, weil das Gerät 206 cm Länge, so im Kellerraum nicht hochkant gestellt werden kann.... [Read more]

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